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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, June Pointer who was born in United States on November 30, 1953 and passed away on April 11, 2006 at the age of 52.  June Pointer, youngest of the Pointer siblings, died of cancer at UCLA Medical Center in Santa Monica, in the arms of her sisters, Ruth and Anita and her brothers, Aaron and Fritz, by her side. Although her sister, Bonnie, was unable to be present, she was with her in spirit. We will remember her forever. Watch the last video she made with Bonnie:
Tributes and Condolences
The most beatiful girl....   / Carlos Torres (Fan)
Thanks for all your songs, and thanks for you! You are the most beatiful girl! Thanks!
Memories of June Pointer.   / Roland Smalls (none)
I would just like to say that I'm an original Pointer sisters fan from     1973 when I first heard their debut album. While I was living in Denver CO And a few years ago when I heard Juni had made the transition I was heartbroken....  Continue >>
june  / Jimmie P. (fan)
i truly have never felt such excitement from any entertainer than when i watch june pointer perform. she puts her all in the performance and vocals! young artists today paticularly the females have such a wealth of great music and performances from j...  Continue >>
Thanks  / Aric Dilbeck
For the music and memories.
8/26/10--A Pointer Sisters kinda' day   / Reggie Hanna (fan/cultural omnivore )
Spent all day watching you all on Youtube. The vocalese days Yes we can can on Soul Train Cloudburst (!!!!!) and Old Song... I never processed the lost of Juni until today and realized how fierce this woman was--that vocal range the afro the GLAMmed...  Continue >>
May you be at peace...  / Iggy Lover (fan/music lover )    Read >>
May you be at peace...  / Iggy Lover (fan/music lover )    Read >>
Heaven has a very special angel  / Mindy Lymperis (Lifetime love )    Read >>
A Song For You-  / Jo Bugg (Special)    Read >>
June was pure special  / Tone Loc (fan)    Read >>
Condolences are never too late nor out of style  / Donald Daher (fan)    Read >>
Baby, you can Jump all over me.  / Mindy Lymperis (Baby Sister )    Read >>
June, I will forever miss you more  / Sharon Jacobucci (A fan from Venice Beach, CA )    Read >>
Salute to the Pointer Sisters  / Jewel's Catch One     Read >>
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Her legacy
Her Legacy  

(Born: November 30, 1953) The youngest of the four Pointer Sisters is June. She and her sister Bonnie originally sang as a duo, calling themselves Pointers-A Pair.
June, known by some fans as the energetic rock & roller, has stepped out on her own many times, even posing in Playboy magazine. Her solo recording career debuted with the release of 1983's Baby Sister on Planet Records. The single "Ready for Some Action" reached the Top 30 on the R&B charts. Another song from the album "I'm Ready for Love," can be found on The Very Best of The Pointer Sisters, released on RCA in 1996.

In 1986, the Pointers, with June on lead vocal, joined Bruce Willis for the lively "Respect Yourself." The single, from Willis' debut, The Return of Bruno, reached the Top Five on Billboard's Hot 100 Singles Chart, and June's solo performance in the video helped it become one of MTV's most popular clips at the time. A year later, June recorded a duet with Dionne Warwick, "Heartbreak of Love," for Dionne's 1987 album, Reservations for Two.

June's second solo release was 1989's June Pointer (Columbia Records). The album was executive produced by Carol Bayer Sager and features a potpourri of other producers, including Narada Michael Walden, Kashif, David Foster and Rhett Lawrence. Released to enthusiastic reviews from fans and critics alike, the album spawned the R&B chart single, "Tight On Time (I'll Fit U In)."

Some songs that are fan favorites with June on lead vocal: "Jump (For My Love)", "Dare Me", "He's So Shy", "Happiness", "Fall In Love Again" and "Baby Come And Get It".

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